Month: June 2020

3 Questions You Might Have About Laser Periodontal Care

When you start to find out just how destructive periodontal disease can be, it can be easy to commit to seeking treatment. As you look into options for care, you can find out about the benefits of services that rely on lasers to more carefully manipulate your soft tissues. What makes laser treatment different than… Read more »

How Laser Treatment Helps With Jawbone Restoration

Through the use of lasers, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can offer important services that are more precise and less invasive. One area where lasers can benefit patients is in work to restore jawbone density. A jawbone grafting procedure can be a necessary part of addressing periodontal disease. The tissues of your jawbone, like… Read more »

Why Precision Matters During Periodontal Treatments

Your periodontal health matters in more ways than you might realize. If your gums are not healthy, you are susceptible to the development of periodontal disease, which has lasting consequences. Over time, the condition destroys the tissues that support your teeth, which is why people who suffer from this are vulnerable to tooth loss. It… Read more »

Lasers Make Your Recovery From Periodontal Work Easier

It is important that someone with periodontal disease understand just how serious their condition can be. When this infection is not being managed properly, a person’s risk for tooth loss rises, and they become more vulnerable to other physical problems due to the potential spread of periodontal bacteria to other parts of the body. Our… Read more »