Pinhole Surgery for Minimally Invasive Grafting

Gum recession, or the pulling away of your gum tissues from your teeth, can occur both as a result of periodontal disease and as a precursor to it. If it occurs before the disease develops, it may be the result of several other factors, such as overaggressive toothbrushing or a specific oral health condition. Whenever it occurs, it can leave your gum tissues more vulnerable to periodontal disease, if it hasn’t already developed. Gum grafting is the surgical process of restoring healthy gum tissues and promoting their reattachment to your teeth roots. Using the advanced Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST)™, Dr. Kania can customize a grafting plan that offers more natural and minimally invasive treatment, as well as improved overall results.

The Benefits of PST Gum Grafting

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a highly conservative treatment technique designed to allow for successful gum grafting and reattachment without the need for traditional surgical incisions. No need for a scalpel means there are no cuts to heal and no risk of trauma to surrounding healthy gum tissues. This offers a wealth of benefits for your gum grafting procedure, including:

  • Little or no bleeding during your procedure
  • No need for sutures afterward
  • Greater chance of successful tissue integration
  • Improved aesthetic results for your gums’ appearance
  • Reduced risk of infection or gum disease development
  • And more

PST™ Gum Grafting and Laser Perio Treatment

In the quest to help patients achieve optimal periodontal health through highly conservative treatment, Dr. Kania may combine PST gum grafting techniques with one or more laser periodontal treatments to treat your periodontal disease. For example, before performing your gum grafting procedure, Dr. Kania may need to trim away diseased gum tissues so the healthy tissue can reattach to your teeth. Using laser technology to remove the tissues allows for maximum preservation of your healthy gums, and therefore, a more successful gum grafting procedure.

Schedule a visit to ask about PST™ grafting

If you experience gum recession before periodontal disease, or as a result of it, then learn how PST™ grafting and/or laser gum contouring can help improve your gum health. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation to ask about Pinhole gum grafting, contact our laser periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, by calling (760) 642-0711.