Month: July 2020

How Lasers Help Us Deal Directly With Periodontal Bacteria

To prevent the buildup of periodontal bacteria, you should maintain good brushing and flossing habits. When a person sticks to an effective routine, they can stop harmful microbes from gathering beneath their gum line and causing an infection. If your routine is not able to stop gingivitis, treatment in the form of a scaling and… Read more »

Finding The Right Treatment For Your Periodontal Problems

The toll periodontal disease can take on your smile and health may be more severe than you currently believe. Did you know that tooth loss in adults is more often connected to periodontal problems than any other issue? Bacteria that gather beneath your gum line will cause harm to the tissues holding your teeth in… Read more »

How Lasers Fit Into Plans To Restore A Receding Gum Line

Periodontal disease causes more than just problems with gum line recession. When this condition is not being treated, a patient can experience attachment loss, which means the tissues that are holding teeth in place are destroyed. This is why the infection is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. You also have to worry… Read more »

How Lasers Help Us Deal With Periodontal Bacteria

When bacteria gather beneath your gum line, they are capable of creating more problems than you might realize. These harmful microbes can cause gradual attachment loss, which leads to the loss of teeth. They can also affect your general health when they travel to different parts of your body, which can create new issues or… Read more »

How Lasers Affect Your Experience With Periodontal Care

When periodontal disease is not addressed, the toll it takes on a person’s smile can be considerable. As bacteria cause attachment loss, teeth can start to loosen, and eventually become lost. The microbes responsible for your poor gum health can also create new difficulties for you by moving to other parts of your body. Our… Read more »