Month: July 2022

Recognizing The Value Of Laser Periodontal Care

The problems that affect our gums can create significant issues over time, which is why the right treatment is important. To effectively tend to the buildup of bacteria on the roots of your teeth, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can provide advanced services that defend your gums and help you recover from harm that… Read more »

Using Lasers To Remove Infected Gum Tissues

The accumulation of bacteria under your gumline can become a problem for more than just your periodontal health. The gums and connective tissues that become infected are damaged over time, which leads to a lack of support and eventually the losses of those teeth in affected areas. Harmful microbes that enter the bloodstream can create… Read more »

Laser Jawbone Grafting And Implant Dentistry

Through implant dentistry, people who have suffered from tooth loss can regain their complete, confident smiles. Unfortunately, there are issues that can interfere with a patient’s eligibility for treatment. One concern is over the loss of density in your jaw; as time passes, the absence of stimulation in the bone from teeth roots can lead… Read more »

Healing After Your Laser Gum Treatment

When it comes to the right experience with periodontal care, you should think about more than just what to expect during the treatment itself. When you need more involved services to take on gum disease, you can benefit from both the removal of bacteria from your roots and the removal of infected tissues. By using… Read more »