Month: June 2021

Using Lasers To Remove Diseased Tissues

Gum disease is a condition that grows progressively worse over time. Fortunately, it is an infection that can be reversed if it is addressed in its early stage. However, if you develop problems with more severe periodontal disease, bacteria can infect tissues and ligaments, cause larger periodontal pockets to open between gums and teeth, and… Read more »

Smile Improvements Through Gum Grafting

Your appearance can change as a consequence of poor periodontal health. Many people will see their gum tissues recede, something that can negatively affect their smile as well as their ability to protect these tissues against bacteria. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can offer services to help patients deal with the different… Read more »

Learning About Laser Periodontal Care

There is time to treat a periodontal infection before complications start to affect your overall health. Gingivitis is a problem that is reversible, meaning your gums can return to their healthy state if you act in time to address the matter. However, when you deal with periodontal disease, managing the problem can call for more… Read more »

When Gum Disease Calls For Laser Treatment

If your problems with gum disease are serious enough, they can demand more than just preventive care to be effectively managed. Patients who do not take action in time when they have issues with gingivitis can experience complications with their well-being when their condition worsens. At this point, their struggles with periodontal disease can call… Read more »