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Learn More About Our Less Invasive Gum Grafting Treatment

A gum grafting treatment is often part of a patient’s recovery from the effects of periodontal disease. Over time, periodontal tissues can recede and expose more of your tooth structure as you combat an infection. This creates more than just a cosmetic problem, as the exposed teeth roots are naturally more sensitive and less protected…. Read more »

Scheduling Laser-Assisted Jawbone Grafting Treatment

The process of restoring your smile after tooth loss can boost your confidence in the way you look and improve your dental function. Tooth loss is often linked to periodontal disease, as the bacteria responsible for this condition can attack the tissues that keep teeth in position. In addition to helping you fight the effects… Read more »

Learn More About The Role Lasers Play In Grafting Treatment

In the process of helping patients recover from periodontal disease, grafting procedures are sometimes recommended. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can actually use lasers to make these procedures more comfortable for patients! Laser technology offers greater precision when work is performed, and the recovery period after work is done can be shorter… Read more »

Arranging Laser Jawbone Grafting Before Implant Placement

One consequence of periodontal disease is tooth loss, which can significantly affect your appearance and dental function. When this occurs, a dental implant can hold a permanent prosthetic replacement for a missing tooth. Many patients are able to move forward with plans to restore their full smile after treatment for periodontal disease occurs, but some… Read more »

Why We Offer Laser-Assisted Grafting Procedures

While grafting procedures are not necessary at all times for patients with periodontal disease, they are can be important in some circumstances. Poor periodontal health can lead to the recession of your gum tissues, which can actually make you more susceptible to infections over time. If your issues with periodontal disease include tooth loss, jawbone… Read more »

How Jawbone Grafting Fits Into Plans To Address Gum Disease

The time a person spends NOT having issues with periodontal disease addressed can have lasting consequences. An infection that attacks your gums can lead to the destruction of tissues that support your teeth. This damage, along with the loss of teeth roots that stimulate your jawbone, can lead to bone deterioration that has cosmetic and… Read more »

How Laser Treatment Helps With Jawbone Restoration

Through the use of lasers, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can offer important services that are more precise and less invasive. One area where lasers can benefit patients is in work to restore jawbone density. A jawbone grafting procedure can be a necessary part of addressing periodontal disease. The tissues of your jawbone, like… Read more »

Why We Use Lasers When Performing Jawbone And Gum Grafts

There are several harmful consequences of periodontal disease, as this condition can lead to tissue damage, tooth loss, and problems that make your general health harder to manage. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we are prepared to help those patients who have seen unwelcome changes in their health and appearance because of poor… Read more »

Using Lasers To Perform A Jawbone Grafting Procedure

When periodontal disease has affected a person’s smile, it may affect more than just their gums. Complications from gum disease can actually lead to a loss of density in your jawbone. This may be because of erosion caused by bacteria, but it can also be due to jawbone resorption, which can occur after tooth loss…. Read more »