REPAIR Laser Treatment with WaterLase

At our office, we strive to provide personalized treatment that helps patients maximize their oral and periodontal health. To accomplish this, we focus on customizing every treatment option to ensure the best results in accordance with each patient’s unique needs and preferences. That includes offering a choice of different laser perio treatments, including LANAP and REPAIR periodontal laser treatments. Our office is one of very few that offers a choice of different laser-assisted periodontal treatments, which gives us a greater ability to tailor your treatment for optimal results.

The Advantages of REPAIR with WaterLase

Laser technology has been an important part of oral and periodontal health treatments for years, but it still remains rather niche for many offices. By contrast, Dr. Kania and our team have fully embraced the technology, incorporating both LANAP and REPAIR laser procedures to help more patients avoid the need for periodontal surgery with a scalpel. By using the right laser-assisted protocol, we can help improve your care in several ways, including:

  • Performing surgery with greater precision
  • Less collateral trauma to surrounding tissues
  • More effectiveness in eliminating oral bacteria
  • Easier and more comfortable healing period
  • More personalized treatment options
  • And more

Learn Which Laser Treatment Is Right for You

With REPAIR, you have even more choices in advanced laser periodontal treatment. To learn more about the benefits of laser-assisted treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kania and our team by calling our periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.