Month: November 2022

Is It Time To Consider Periodontal Laser Treatment?

If you have problems with the health of your gums that are not being properly managed, you could experience more consequences than you anticipate. Some of the potentially serious effects of this problem include the loss of teeth, as your infection can do alarming harm to the tissues that support them. There are also risks… Read more »

Using Laser Tools During Grafting Services

Grafting treatments can respond to problems created by more advanced issues with your periodontal health. If you have problems with tooth loss, you may need to arrange jawbone grafting treatment to ensure you are a good candidate for care that includes the placement of dental implants. Patients can also benefit from gum grafting treatments when… Read more »

Precise Care For Infected Gum Tissues

Should you take an interest in the kinds of tools that are used when caring for your smile? When periodontal services are provided with laser technology, you can enjoy a more precise treatment as well as work that is more comfortable. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we rely on different laser tools to… Read more »