Month: August 2021

Can Laser Treatment Restore My Gum Line?

Gum line recession impacts many people, and not always because of gum disease. This condition can make you more vulnerable to issues with dental sensitivity, it can make preventive care more difficult, and it can lead to unwelcome cosmetic changes. For those who have this issue but do not have issues with an infection already,… Read more »

Arranging Services With Periodontal Lasers

How much trouble can poor oral health really cause you? Beyond cavities, what kind of risks do you face when it comes to the condition of your smile? If you have issues with poor periodontal health, you can be vulnerable to more problems than you may expect. In time, an infection can grow serious enough… Read more »

Carefully Removing Diseased Gum Tissues

When periodontal disease is not managed properly, the condition can do alarming damage to the tissues and ligaments that support your teeth. A serious infection makes you vulnerable to tooth loss, and it can also put you at risk for other health conditions when bacteria travel to other areas. It may be necessary for you… Read more »

We Offer Care With Different Laser Tools

Because periodontal disease has significant consequences, it is a problem that you do not want to ignore. Without intervention, a serious infection can cause someone to lose teeth, and it can also make managing their general health more difficult. Fortunately, there are services that help control these problems. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice,… Read more »