Month: January 2022

Jawbone Grafting And Prosthetic Treatment

The work involved in restoring a person’s incomplete smile can lead to several welcome changes. The cosmetic effect of this care can certainly make it worthwhile, but there are also benefits for your oral health and bite function. With the aid of dental implants, patients with missing teeth can regain important support when they bite… Read more »

Lasers And Your Recovery From Gum Treatment

What takes place during treatment to fight periodontal disease is important. The right services help by removing harmful bacteria as well as by encouraging the growth of tissues that are not affected by your infection. With that said, the right approach to care is one that also prioritizes your experience once you leave treatment. At… Read more »

The Right Tools For Periodontal Treatment

If you respond to the warning signs of gingivitis in a timely manner, your condition can be reversed, and you can avoid potentially serious oral health complications. When an infection is not managed properly, more involved care can become necessary. What happens if it is not provided? As your condition worsens, you can face potential… Read more »

Schedule Less Invasive Gum Grafting

A recessed gum line can be a real concern for your appearance, and it can have unwelcome consequences for your oral health. The exposure of tooth structure normally covered by your periodontal tissues can lead to more problems for your well-being. This issue can also make you vulnerable to heightened dental sensitivity. It can also… Read more »