Dedicated to Comfortable, Minimally Invasive Care

At our laser periodontal office, our goal is to design and provide the highest quality, minimally invasive periodontal treatment and care to all patients. Lasers are often the most conservative course of treatment. Using high-tech, specially calibrated lasers, we can offer more natural, comfortable, and precise periodontal treatment, with faster and less painful recovery times.

Our Advanced Treatment Options

To help ensure that we offer every patient the optimal, highly personalized care they deserve, Dr. Kania offers a choice in advanced periodontal laser treatment. The Periolase and WaterLase lasers are designed to perform most soft tissue periodontal alterations and some hard tissue modifications (including tooth root and jawbone modification) with optimal comfort and precision. After a careful examination and evaluation, Dr. Kania will work closely with you to determine if one or both lasers may be the optimal solution for your periodontal health.

Our Highly Skilled Team

Dr. Kania and our team are highly skilled and experienced in providing the highest quality care to patients of all ages, and with all periodontal health needs, both simple and complex. To learn more about our expertise, read about us on one of the pages below:

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Experience more comfortable and minimally invasive periodontal treatment with the help of advanced laser technology. To learn more, or to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Kania and our team, contact our laser periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, by calling (760) 642-0711.