Month: March 2022

Jawbone Grafting And Laser Technology

For many people with periodontal disease, tooth loss is a serious concern. Unfortunately, both the infection and the gradual loss of bone density after teeth are lost can interfere with your ability to undergo prosthetic treatment and regain your full smile. Treating gum disease will help, but you can also require additional support if your… Read more »

How Technology Affects Periodontal Care

When you let it go untreated, an infection that affects your gums can have a significant impact on your well-being. The problems can worsen in time, which can both lead to worsening complications and the need for more involved services. Fortunately, the right technology can provide a better patient experience even when someone requires more… Read more »

How Lasers Remove Bacteria From Teeth Roots

The accumulation of bacteria below your gum line can create serious trouble for your health. You may be surprised at both how much harm an infection can cause, and how difficult it can be to control when it is not treated in time. Fortunately, the right tools can make effective periodontal care more conservative and… Read more »

Helpful Information About Periodontal Lasers

Problems with your oral health should be taken seriously, as there are different concerns that can have a big impact on your appearance as well as on your general well-being. Our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice is able to provide services that tend to more advanced problems with your gums. Left untreated, a serious infection… Read more »

How Lasers Help Restore Unhealthy Gums

There are problems associated with periodontal disease that you should be aware of, as they help to emphasize the need for proper treatment when your gums are not healthy. These problems include tooth loss, noticeable gum line recession, and difficulties with your general health. If your infection progresses to this stage, the right response will… Read more »