Month: August 2020

Laser Periodontal Services Lead To Shorter Recovery Times

When periodontal disease causes problems for your oral health, the consequences can be serious. Infections can lead to worrying tissue damage, gum line recession, tooth loss, and problems with your jawbone. If you have suffered the effects of periodontal disease, targeted treatments provided by your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can help. We often rely… Read more »

Why We Offer More Than One Approach To Laser Treatment

When it is not being treated, periodontal disease can have a devastating effect on your smile. The bacteria attacking your gums can cause the gradual destruction of the tissues that are giving your teeth necessary support. In time, that deterioration of these tissues can result in tooth loss! Your infection is also a concern because… Read more »

How Jawbone Grafting Fits Into Plans To Address Gum Disease

The time a person spends NOT having issues with periodontal disease addressed can have lasting consequences. An infection that attacks your gums can lead to the destruction of tissues that support your teeth. This damage, along with the loss of teeth roots that stimulate your jawbone, can lead to bone deterioration that has cosmetic and… Read more »

Can Laser Care Help Me Avoid Issues With Tooth Loss?

When you have trouble with your periodontal health, you face a greater risk for suffering tooth loss. When an infection is not being managed properly, attachment loss can occur, effectively weakening the support that teeth have over time. When the damage to tissues supporting teeth becomes serious, the only treatment option left may be to… Read more »