3 Questions You Might Have About Laser Periodontal Care

When you start to find out just how destructive periodontal disease can be, it can be easy to commit to seeking treatment. As you look into options for care, you can find out about the benefits of services that rely on lasers to more carefully manipulate your soft tissues. What makes laser treatment different than services that rely on manual tools, and what should you expect from care? At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we rely on lasers to make care more comfortable and precise for patients. These tools can make more accurate cuts that do not require sutures, and they can encourage faster healing times! In addition to directly addressing infected tissues, lasers can help us make jawbone grafting and gum grafting procedures easier for patients.

1. How Can Lasers Help With My Periodontal Troubles?

When periodontal disease forms, bacteria that gather beneath your gum line can damage the tissues and ligaments that are meant to keep your teeth secure. Over time, that damage can weaken their support, leaving them loose or even in need of being extracted! One thing laser treatment can do is safely clear away infected tissues so that bacteria can be dealt with. In addition to giving us access to the bacteria responsible for your condition, this can lead to the growth of healthy tissues to support teeth. Lasers can also help during grafting treatments, as they allow for safer, more accurate cuts to your gums that require shorter healing times.

2. What Makes Laser Treatment Different From Other Treatment Approaches?

Scalpels are not able to match the precision of lasers during periodontal procedures. When using manual tools, any cuts can require suturing, and can lead to more bleeding. With lasers, we can make procedures less difficult by protecting more of your healthy tissues, and by doing careful work that will not require suturing. After a treatment using lasers, your healing period can be easier, and you can see cosmetic improvements in less time!

3. What Can Happen If I Choose Not To Undergo Treatment For Periodontal Disease?

If you choose to ignore problems with periodontal disease, your smile and your general health can suffer the consequences. Over time, bacteria can destroy the tissues that are keeping teeth stable – gum disease has caused many people to lose teeth. You also have to worry about the continued spread of periodontal bacteria, which can cause problems in other areas of your body by traveling through your bloodstream. If you prolong your time without treatment, you increase your chances of experiencing these issues.

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