Month: February 2022

Can Lasers Make Periodontal Care More Comfortable?

When you take periodontal disease seriously, you can protect yourself against problems that can have a significant impact on your health and quality of life. People who deal with infections need to worry about tooth loss as well as the movement of bacteria to other areas of their body. Without help, the harmful microbes on… Read more »

Laser Tools And Gum Line Restoration

When you have unresolved issues with periodontal disease, there are several problems you experience that can affect your appearance as well as your health. One of those problems is gum line recession. This is a problem that can occur even if you do not have gum disease, but this movement of your tissues does make… Read more »

We Provide Options With Multiple Laser Tools

It can be upsetting to hear that you have problems with periodontal disease, especially when you familiarize yourself with what this advanced infection can do to your oral and general health. However, this news can be less stressful when you start to look into the services provided at our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice. One… Read more »

Precisely Targeting Periodontal Bacteria

The accumulation of bacteria on the roots of your teeth can create real problems for your periodontal health. At first, the infiltration of harmful microbes leads to problems with gingivitis, a reversible infection that can be dealt with before complications begin to occur. However, as the bacteria spread, the infection becomes more advanced, and that… Read more »