Month: May 2020

Laser Periodontal Treatment May Help You Avoid Tooth Loss

The most significant advantages that come with laser periodontal treatment include making the process much more comfortable and precise. In addition to improving your overall experience, this is significant when it comes to preserving the rest of your healthy periodontal tissues and avoiding some of the more serious consequences of the disease. For many people,… Read more »

Dealing with Gum Matters More than You May Realize

Though gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) can affect a majority of adults to some degree, it isn’t guaranteed to develop for anyone. In fact, proper care and maintenance can significantly improve your chances of preventing it from ever developing. When it does become a concern, however, dealing with gum disease properly and promptly… Read more »

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Periodontal Disease

The goal of treating any oral health concern isn’t just to address the problem at hand, but also to preserve the rest of your long-term oral and periodontal health. In the case of chronic concerns like periodontal disease, that largely requires the use of technology and expert techniques to ensure minimally invasive treatment for complex… Read more »

Important Roles of Lasers in Your Periodontal Treatment

The more periodontal disease progresses, the more complex its consequences can become for your oral and periodontal health. This makes effective periodontal treatment a highly personalized process, and the use of advanced technology is often an important factor in keeping treatment minimally invasive. For example, at our office, the use of different, advanced laser technologies… Read more »