Month: May 2022

Using Lasers To Access And Clean Teeth Roots

The buildup of bacteria on the roots of your teeth can lead to serious problems. When harmful microbes have recently made their way under your gum line, you can undergo scaling and root planing to remove them and stop further problems with your periodontal health. However, when these bacteria continue to spread and multiply, you… Read more »

Can Laser Care Lead To Faster Recovery?

Taking on periodontal disease with the right treatment is important because it protects you against the different consequences of an advanced infection. When you review what kind of care is available, you can learn about the benefits of a procedure that relies on laser tools. In addition to making care itself easier, this technology allows… Read more »

Helpful Treatments Before Implant Placement

It can be exciting to proceed with prosthetic work that relies on dental implant support. After all, this is an approach to care that lets you enjoy better bite support and oral health in addition to more confidence in your appearance. For patients who have let more time pass between tooth loss and their smile… Read more »

Asking About Advanced Periodontal Care

If you need help managing any condition that affects your oral health, you should feel confident in your treatment options. Proper care for problems that can impact your smile can do more than just preserve your appearance. You can manage your well-being in order to prevent further complications that can impact your oral and overall… Read more »