Month: September 2020

Do I Need Advanced Treatment To Deal With My Gum Disease?

When you have problems with gingivitis, your daily routine and a trip to your dentist for routine care can help. Unfortunately, problems with poor periodontal health can worsen in time if you do not respond to an infection in time. Periodontal disease can destroy the tissues that support your teeth, leading to tooth loss, and… Read more »

3 Gum Disease Treatments That Benefit From Laser Technology

Why should you care what tools are used during a periodontal procedure? In many instances, you can discover that the option to have lasers used in treatment will produce results in a shorter time while also offering an easier recovery period! At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we actually provide treatment with lasers in… Read more »

Why We Offer Laser-Assisted Grafting Procedures

While grafting procedures are not necessary at all times for patients with periodontal disease, they are can be important in some circumstances. Poor periodontal health can lead to the recession of your gum tissues, which can actually make you more susceptible to infections over time. If your issues with periodontal disease include tooth loss, jawbone… Read more »

Is It Time To Discuss Laser Treatment For Your Gum Disease?

The progression of periodontal disease can have serious effects on your oral health, and it can even cause problems for your overall well-being. If an infection is not addressed in time, gingivitis can worsen and leave you struggling to manage your condition. Without treatment at this point, you can experience tissue damage that leaves you… Read more »