Month: January 2021

Your Experience During And After Laser Periodontal Treatment

With laser technology, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice is able to address difficult issues with gum disease more precisely, and in a way that reduces patient discomfort. As part of treatment for advanced periodontal problems, treatment to both remove infected tissues and directly fight bacteria can be recommended. We have access to both LANAP… Read more »

When Gum Disease Grows Serious Enough For Laser Treatment

Gum disease is a problem that can grow worse with time. Gingivitis can be dealt with before long-term complications arise. At regular dental exams, and through your daily oral hygiene routine, you can fight the bacteria that begin to accumulate below your periodontal tissues and affect your well-being. Unfortunately, if these issues are not dealt… Read more »

Learn More About Our Less Invasive Gum Grafting Treatment

A gum grafting treatment is often part of a patient’s recovery from the effects of periodontal disease. Over time, periodontal tissues can recede and expose more of your tooth structure as you combat an infection. This creates more than just a cosmetic problem, as the exposed teeth roots are naturally more sensitive and less protected…. Read more »

Removing Periodontal Bacteria With Laser Tools

Fighting oral bacteria on a daily basis will protect you against the movement of harmful microbes below your gum line. When those bacteria do make their way down to the roots of your teeth, they cause troubling infections that can ultimately affect your appearance and general health in ways that can surprise you. For example,… Read more »