Month: March 2020

Lasers Can Improve Your Experience With Gum Grafting

While the gradual recession of a patient’s gum line can occur because of periodontal disease, there are other factors can cause this to occur. This problem can change the way you look when you smile, make you more likely to experience dental sensitivity, and it can make gum disease more likely if it has not… Read more »

Laser Treatment Can Help Restore Your Periodontal Health

Should you be more concerned about your periodontal health? If you have struggled with gum disease in the past, or if you have been warned by your dentist about the current condition of your gums, you should be alarmed. If nothing is done, an infection can lead to tissue damage that can cause tooth loss…. Read more »

Soft Tissue Lasers Can Improve Recovery Times For Patients

If you are affected by periodontal disease, the consequences of letting the problem go untreated can be serious. One reason for this is that tooth loss is caused by gum disease more often than by any other issue. Another is that when your infection is not managed, you can experience further health issues after bacteria… Read more »

Using Lasers To Perform A Jawbone Grafting Procedure

When periodontal disease has affected a person’s smile, it may affect more than just their gums. Complications from gum disease can actually lead to a loss of density in your jawbone. This may be because of erosion caused by bacteria, but it can also be due to jawbone resorption, which can occur after tooth loss…. Read more »