Month: April 2022

Our Use Of Different Periodontal Lasers

There are different reasons why patients visit a periodontist. In some cases, the appointment serves as a second opinion to better understand the issues they have with their gums. However, there are also times when people impacted by periodontal disease need to find out what they can do to manage severe problems that have already… Read more »

Conservative Gum Grafting With Laser Tools

A gum grafting procedure can be important for several reasons. It can restore your appearance when periodontal disease causes tissue recession, it can cover naturally sensitive areas of your teeth, and it can help you maintain the health of your gums. When performed with manual tools, this procedure can require suturing and a longer or… Read more »

Is It Time For Laser Periodontal Treatment?

If you want to take your overall oral health seriously, it is important that you keep up with the health of your gums. Unfortunately, when periodontal disease becomes a problem, it can have serious consequences. Your condition can leave you at heightened risk for tooth loss, and it can also make you more vulnerable to… Read more »

Recovery After Laser Periodontal Care

If you have problems with periodontal disease, you should know that your condition can make you vulnerable to several complications. These complications include problems with tooth loss, damage to surrounding soft and hard tissues, and even general health threats due to the spread of bacteria. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal office, our practice can… Read more »