Using Lasers To Access And Clean Teeth Roots

The buildup of bacteria on the roots of your teeth can lead to serious problems. When harmful microbes have recently made their way under your gum line, you can undergo scaling and root planing to remove them and stop further problems with your periodontal health. However, when these bacteria continue to spread and multiply, you can experience more serious consequences from an infection, and that can mean a more involved procedure needs to take place to manage your well-being. To make important services more precise and comfortable for patients, our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice can use laser technology during treatments. In addition to having benefits during your procedure, the choice to use lasers when fighting microbes that cause periodontal disease can mean a shorter and easier recovery.

The Importance Of Dealing With Periodontal Disease

Letting problems with periodontal disease go without treatment can have many consequences. One of those consequences is tooth loss—you are actually more likely to lose a tooth due to your issues with gum disease than because of any other problem. You should also be aware that over time, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and move to other areas. Microbes that cause inflammation can create serious risks when this happens, putting your overall well-being in jeopardy. Because laser technology makes the work of restoring a person’s periodontal health easier, you can feel more at ease with arranging and undergoing treatment to fight harmful bacteria on the roots of your teeth.

What Laser Technology Does To Improve The Patient Experience

With laser technology, we can more effectively work to access the areas where bacteria have affected your health. As an alternative to manual tools, lasers enable us to work with greater precision and protect surrounding healthy gums. They also allow us to carefully clear away both bacteria and infected tissues so that you can experience real recovery. Because this approach limits bleeding and also helps to minimize tissue damage, it is easier for patients to recover after care!

Lasers Are Also Effective For Grafting Procedures

By using lasers during grafting procedures, we can provide more comfort and precision for important services that help with different aspects of recovery from a serious issue with periodontal disease. Jawbone grafting procedures are sometimes needed when patients want to qualify for dental implant placement. For those who have experienced tissue recession because of gum disease (or for another reason), a gum grafting procedure can improve how they look and raise their confidence while also improving their health.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Undergoing Laser Treatment For Gum Disease!

Through laser technology, we are able to take on potentially serious issues with gum disease with more comfortable and precise procedures! If you are ready to find out more, call Dr. Kania’s laser periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.