Laser Periodontal Treatment May Help You Avoid Tooth Loss

The most significant advantages that come with laser periodontal treatment include making the process much more comfortable and precise. In addition to improving your overall experience, this is significant when it comes to preserving the rest of your healthy periodontal tissues and avoiding some of the more serious consequences of the disease. For many people, this includes the loss of one or more teeth, which can often occur when periodontal disease is allowed to progress, or has already affected a significant amount of periodontal tissues and jawbone structure.

The connection between periodontal disease and tooth loss

Severe periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for adults, and there are several different factors that contribute to this. For instance, the nature of periodontal disease is to erode the periodontal tissues (gums) and the ligaments that support and protect your teeth roots. These ligaments hold your teeth roots steady within their sockets, and when periodontal disease affects them, your teeth roots can lose their support. The disease can also affect the surrounding jawbone structure around the socket, and by the time many people seek treatment, enough damage has occurred that a tooth is lost or requires extraction.

The advantages of laser periodontal treatment

Treating periodontal disease as early as possible, and with personalized, expert treatment, is often the best way to protect your smile once it develops. With laser periodontal treatment, we can trim the diseased portion of your periodontal tissues more precisely and effectively, if necessary. The use of an advanced periodontal laser helps ensure that minimal trauma occurs in the surrounding tissues, and that the diseased tissues and harmful oral bacteria are more successfully removed. This helps better ensure that your periodontal disease will remain under control, and if tooth loss is not yet imminent, then your risks of it can be greatly reduced.

If you’ve already lost teeth to periodontal disease

For some patients, the loss of one or more teeth is already imminent or has already occurred by the time they seek treatment for their periodontal disease. Fortunately, laser periodontal treatment and the right restoration, such as dental implants, can help fully restore your smile with highly biocompatible results. After addressing the disease with laser periodontal treatment, your periodontist can place one or more dental implants in the jawbone area where you’ve lost teeth roots. The implant posts can mimic your natural teeth roots to give your replacement teeth optimal support and provide better support for your periodontal tissues and ligaments.

Protect your smile from periodontal disease and tooth loss

By helping you more precisely treat and manage your periodontal disease, personalized laser treatment can help you avoid its more serious consequences, including tooth loss. For more information, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kania by calling her laser periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.