Getting To The Roots Of Gum Disease

San Diego, CA, Gum Disease

When you have poor gum health, it can lead to a condition known as periodontal disease. The infection of your connective tissues risks becoming permanent when it reaches the jawbone. Therefore we recommend visiting your dentist for regular checkups to take on any threats to your oral health. We could stabilize your gum health and help prevent losing teeth. Gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss among adults today. Understanding the factors that contribute to an infection can help prevent them in the first place. In today’s blog, your Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontist discusses protecting your gums.

The Contributing Factors For Gum Infection

Understanding the different causes that contribute to gum disease can help you avoid the infection and maintain your oral health. Certain families have a history of infection, so let your dentist know if your relatives experience this condition. Whether from genetics or poor oral health habits, we can offer strategies that help you protect your smile from its deteriorating effects. If you have a diet high in sugar or starch, oral bacteria can thrive inside your mouth. By making healthier choices at mealtime and increasing vegetable consumption, you can lower the risks of infection associated with plaque and tartar deposits. Habits that increase inflammation such as smoking and use of other tobacco products can greatly increase your risks. Talk to your dentist about any medications that may have an effect or any illnesses that contribute to systemic inflammation. By understanding your medical history, we can determine a treatment plan to help protect your gum health.

Detecting The Symptoms Of An Infection

Understanding the symptoms of gum disease can lead to early detection. This in turn can potentially reverse gum disease before allowing it to progress to its more advanced, permanent form. If you have soreness or constant bleeding whenever you brush and floss, this could indicate a gum infection. The inflammatory response usually results in a recession of tissue, so let your dentist know if your gumline begins to move. Chronic bad breath is another common sign. We will examine your smile and put you on a periodontal maintenance schedule to help control your disease.

How Dental Lasers Help Fight Disease

At Saxony Dental Arts Center, we use the latest techniques to help restore healthy smiles. Dental lasers help us destroy pockets of harmful bacteria that stick to the surface of your smile. We could also trim diseased tissue without the use of a knife. This increases precision while reducing recovery times. We call that a win-win all around!

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