What Laser Technology Does To Change Periodontal Care

When you experience problems with periodontal disease, a lack of proper care can leave you vulnerable to serious problems. Your infection can pose a serious threat to your smile, as bacteria will attack tissues that hold teeth in place and cause them to become loose. You also need to worry about the potential spread of bacteria through your blood stream, which can lead to new health issues. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal office, Dr. Kania can provide patients with advanced services that rely on laser technology. Lasers make it possible for us to take on trouble with your periodontal health in a less invasive and more comfortable manner. In addition to making treatments more precise, lasers can actually make your recovery time shorter and easier!

Periodontal Disease Can Cause Serious Problems For Your Smile And Health

In the event that gingivitis is not addressed in time, an infection affecting your gums can grow worse, leading to potential long-term difficulties and a heightened risk for losing teeth. When an infection forms, bacteria can continue to spread and harm your gums. To fight an infection, periodontists can move past your gum tissues to deal directly with those bacteria gathering on the roots of teeth. Because our practice relies on multiple laser tools to help patients in these situations, we can do more precise work, limit damage to your healthy tissues, and even remove the need to suture cuts made in the course of a procedure!

Using Lasers To Fight Bacteria And Remove Infected Tissues

With laser tools, we can make precise incisions while working with your gums. By doing so, we avoid harming healthy surrounding tissues, which makes recovery easier. These tools are able to reduce any bleeding that can occur during treatment, and will remove the need to use sutures to help you heal. The lasers we use can remove bacteria as well as damaged portions of your gums. After this procedure is completed, your body will heal and replace damaged areas with healthy tissues.

We Can Use Lasers To Improve Your Experience With Grafting Treatment

By using lasers during grafting procedures, we are able to make these procedures easier on patients who need to address gum line recession or jawbone deterioration in the course of their fight against periodontal disease. Jawbone grafting procedures are sometimes needed before individuals can have dental implants placed. This work is done to ensure that the implant has enough support, and to ensure proper healing after treatment. If your issues with infection have left you with gum line recession that causes cosmetic problems or sensitivity issues, we can use the Pinhole Surgical Technique during your gum grafting procedure to make corrections.

Talk To Dr. Kania About Periodontal Treatment With Lasers

Dr. Kania’s use of laser technology can make treatment experiences easier for patients who are struggling with periodontal disease. If you wish to find out more about our practice, and the tools we use to provide care, please call our laser periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.