When Is Laser Jawbone Grafting Recommended?

As you look into the process of fully restoring your incomplete smile, you can start to explore the advantages of implant dentistry. While dental implants make it possible for you to enjoy a permanent, stable prosthetic that leads to better bite function, not all patients are ready to move forward with their placement. It may be necessary for you to undergo preliminary treatment to ensure that their placement is successful. At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can help you qualify for this service through laser jawbone grafting.

Dealing With Tooth Loss As Part Of Your Plans To Fully Restore Your Oral Health

For someone affected by periodontal disease, tooth loss can be a serious problem. As bacteria damage the tissues that support your teeth, they can loosen and eventually be lost, leaving you with cosmetic and oral health concerns. Fortunately, you can discuss prosthetic treatment as part of a larger plan to fully restore your dental well-being. In addition to planning implant placements with patients, we can offer important jawbone grafting services to those trying to qualify for this care. With the use of laser tools, we can actually make the process less invasive, which can mean an easier treatment as well as a shorter recovery period.

What To Expect From Laser Jawbone Grafting Treatment

Our practice relies on laser tools for many different services that affect your oral and periodontal health. If your jaw health affects your candidacy for implant placement, we can take care of you by safely adding new bone tissues to provide more stability and better health. The use of laser tools makes this a less invasive process, as they operate with a precision that manual tools cannot match. They limit bleeding as well as tissue damage, which can make the procedure itself and your recovery from it easier.

Other Services That Rely On Laser Tools

Laser tools are useful under different circumstances. For those who need to fight active periodontal disease, we can use them to directly treat diseased gums and ligaments, and to clear away bacteria on the roots of your teeth. We can also use lasers to provide a pinhole gum grafting treatment, a procedure that minimizes changes to your tissues to make your experience more pleasant and less involved.

Talk To Your Encinitas/San Diego, CA Periodontist About Laser Jawbone Grafting Treatment

Laser tools make it possible for us to take on problems that affect your ability to fully recover from advanced periodontal disease. We can discuss treatment to restore your jaw health and prepare you for dental implant placement, and we can also plan care to better support your gum health. To find out more about our services, call Dr. Kania’s laser periodontal office in Encinitas/San Diego, CA, at (760) 642-0711.