Should You Look Into Laser Periodontal Treatment?

Is your trouble with periodontal disease serious enough to call for a trip to see a periodontist about treatment? While gingivitis is something that you can fight with effective preventive care and a visit to your general dentist, periodontal disease can do more harm to your well-being, and it can be more difficult to address. Without treatment to manage the condition, you can experience problems managing your general health, particularly if you are trying to address other health concerns, like diabetes. You also face a higher risk for tooth loss because of your infection! At our Encinitas/San Diego, CA periodontal practice, we can discuss services to fight your infection. Because we rely on laser tools to tend to our patients’ gums, we can perform treatments that preserve more of your healthy gum tissues and shorten your healing time!

How Lasers Address Problems With Periodontal Disease

Through the use of lasers, we can carefully treat infected periodontal tissues and directly fight the bacteria that have gathered on the roots of your teeth. We offer treatments using our LANAP laser and our REPAIR WaterLase laser. Because we have multiple tools, we can tailor treatments for the people who come to see us. While manual tools can be used to fight advanced infections, lasers offer more precision when working with soft tissues, they remove the need for suturing, and they limit bleeding that occurs during a procedure to fight your infection.

Undergoing Treatment To Fight An Active Infection

Laser periodontal treatment will see your periodontist carefully reveal portions of your teeth roots where signs of infection are present in order to directly deal with accumulated bacteria. In addition to doing this, we can carefully remove unhealthy tissues so that your body can begin to heal and produce healthy tissues in their place. By using lasers, we can preserve more of your healthy tissues during your procedure, and our more conservative work can shorten the time it takes you to recover after a treatment is completed.

Lasers Also Improve Patient Experiences With Grafting Treatments

We can do more than just fight active infections when patients see us about periodontal problems. Lasers are also effective tools for performing grafting procedures. We can use them for both jawbone grafting treatments and gum grafting procedures. These services can play important roles in restoring your smile if periodontal disease has affected you. While gum grafting work can restore your gum line and appearance, jawbone grafting provides more strength and stability for your jaw before you go through the dental implant placement process.

Discuss Laser Periodontal Treatment At Dr. Kania’s Office

At our periodontal practice in the Encinitas/San Diego, CA area, Dr. Kania provides beneficial periodontal services, including services with laser technology to carefully address the effects of advanced gum disease. To find out more, or to discuss treatment, please call Dr. Kania’s periodontal practice at (760) 642-0711.